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Exclamation Planetarion Toolset


Planetarion Toolset, originally created by VenoX and enhanced by myself is available for download here


  1. Members - configure notifications, link to telegram
  2. Politics - set deals so attack can't be incorrect
  3. Schedule - afk hours of day
  4. Planets - arbiter
  5. Galaxies - arbiter
  6. Alliances - arbiter
  7. Scans - imported scans (see !parse )
  8. Attacks - attack system
  9. Battlegroups - battlegroup system
  10. Misc - various tools

  • !tools: Website URL
  • !tick: Display current tick or information for tick - Usage: !tick [tick]
  • !cookie: Give user a virtual cookie - Usage: !cookie
  • !setnick: Set your nick at round start - Usage: !setnick
  • !setplanet: Set your planet at round start - Usage: !setplanet <x:y:z>
  • !attacks: List open attacks
  • !claimed: List claimed targets from open attacks
  • !book: Book a target in an open attack, use !free to see available targets. - Usage: !book <x:y:z>
  • !drop: Drop a target from attack - Usage: !drop <x:y:z>
  • !free: List all available targets in attack
  • !launch: Retrieve all claimed attack targets
  • !call: Place a call to - Usage: !call
  • !sms: Send an SMS to - Usage: !sms
  • !maxcap: Find max potential roid gain for after - Usage: !maxcap <x:y:z> [ticks]
  • !eff: Effect of ship on ships it targets - Usage: !eff [tier]
  • !stop: Calculate ships required to stop ship with amount - Usage: !stop
  • !afford: Work out potential for ships to be built for a given planet - Usage: !afford
  • !roidcost: Cost of roids given based on supplied information - Usage: !roidcost
  • !ship: Retrieve stats for - Usage: !ship
  • !last24: Fetch stats for last 24 ticks - Usage: !last24 [nick|alliance]
  • !top5: Retrieve top 5 players with option to specify an alliance - Usage: !top5 [alliance]
  • !lookup: Fetch your planets details - Usage: !lookup
  • !epenis: Last 24 hours score change - Usage: !epenis [nick]
  • !galpenis: Last 24 hours galaxy score change - Usage: !galpenis [nick]
  • !apenis: Last 24 hours alliance score change for Unicorns
  • !winners: Top 5 players in alliance
  • !loosers: Bottom 5 players in alliance
  • !intel: Set or retrieve intel for planet or galaxy - Usage: !intel <x:y:z> [nick]
  • !latestscan: Latest scan for given coords and type - Usage: !latestscan <x:y:z>
  • !cost: Retrieve cost of given ships - Usage: !cost
  • !req: Request a scan - Usage: !req <x:y:z>
  • !reqs: List all open requests - Usage: scan/officer channel only
  • !parse: Parse given scan url - Usage: !parse
  • !jpg: Parse scan link and notify those with prelaunch on them - Usage: !jpg
  • !spam: Spam intel for given alliance - Usage: !spam
  • !whodidthis: Random love for those that helped with this project


In order to use tools you must have:
  • A working webserver with PHP 7.4 and MySQL
  • Email address for notifications (with tools+1@... support)
  • Telegram Bot (see @BotFather on TG for instructions)
  • Infobip account registered to send SMS

Follow these steps:
  • Replace 'your.domain.tld' with your domain
  • Enter credentials into alliance/.env
  • Import database patools_webby.sql
  • Run php /path/to/tools/alliance/artisan schedule:run on the hour every hour
  • Configure Telegram webhook with https://your.domain.tld/bot<bot_key>/hook


For attacks and Telegram to work you must do the following, every round:
  • /addchannel or /addscanschannel to start Telegram monitoring
  • Register at Tools, approve account
  • Every member must do !setnick <tools_nick> on Telegram
  • After shuffle, you must do !setplanet or attack system won't work

  • You may need to adjust public/.htaccess to fit with your environment
  • See roles table after install, you may need to add basic data

Round 58 44th
Round 64 113th
Round 65 86th
Round 66 98th
Round 92 56th
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