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KillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really nice
Public Service Announcements from Ultores

Ding Dong Ding

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from Ultores.

Planetarion has come to a new low. While the top 5 alliances are playing Naptarion again we have Carnage, Odium and ODDR ganging up and p-targetting us. This makes it really difficult for us to honor Delgado's pnap.

Nonetheless we are having the time of our lives. We have done quite a few FC's already. Here is a small selection of what we achieved.

We want to bring special attention to one of our breps from this afternoon. We wiped out his complete fleet. Here is the brep followed by a AU scan of his planet:

Sorry Tuck, but time to say **** as you are all out of Luck.

Since Carnage, Odium and ODDR are still p-targetting us, it should be easy for the rest to roid them. Go get em boys. We like to distribute our roids further down the line.

Please offer us any CO fleets that you have incoming from Carnage. Somehow they are missing on our screens.

For more info and/or enjoyment join our public channel. Click on this link

Thank you for paying attention to our PSA.

With kind regards,

Public Relations Officer

Ding Dong Ding
[Fury] Exec
[Eclipse] HC
[1up] HC
[Spore] HC
Former Public Relations Officer of QQ
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Re: Public Service Announcements from Ultores

PA admins please offer this man a job to promote a page each week with updates of alliance drama/wars/NAPs/gossip ...players would love it good marketing ...each alliance could submit weekly reports for "KillGghost" to add to his PSA announcements....

love the updates KillGhost...

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