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KillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really nice
Public Service Announcements from SparkleDanceParty

Ding Dong Ding

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from SparkleDanceParty.

Time for one of the biggest highlights of a round. The first PSA. What a great start! We have already liberated quite a few pilots. Let's start with our first FC. Some controversy was involved. One of our members thought it was a good idea to send his cutlass instead of corsair with the result of him hogging up all of the liberated ships. We got ricorolled and it caused a lot of internal emo. Luckily our ships are fueled with tears. You can find the brep below:

It is time for one of our favorite targets. Hi Zaga, or should I say bye Zaga. He was dumb enough to send out his fi with tt-3. We could not pass on such a opportunity. Here is the brep:

We accept the request of Zaga and grant him his pnap. It is time to bury the hatchet after such a long time with Zaga. He choose Magni as his target and we were lucky enough to get his fleet intel. Thanks for the target Zaga. Check out the brep here:

It was time for Magni to pick his target. He went with Toni. He called Toni a traitor since she left CT midround and decided she needed to be punished. Since we know all about traitors it was time to honor his request. Thanks Magni. Here is the brep:

Here are today's targets:

I just want to make it clear that noone is safe. We accept public screenshots of incoming pages to help us find our targets. The more fleet intel you give us, the less chance we will be cumming for you.

For more info and/or enjoyment join our discussion channel. Click on this link

Thank you for paying attention to our PSA.

With kind regards,

Public Relations Officer

Ding Dong Ding
[Fury] Exec
[Eclipse] HC
[1up] HC
[Spore] HC
Former Public Relations Officer of QQ
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