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Eorc r96

Appocomaster — Today at 21:59
Woot Woot!

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Round 96 - Fair Wind and Following Seas End of Round Ceremony

During this ceremony, we will talk with the winning planets, galaxies and alliance (if they're on and I can find them - not a sure deal!)

Firstly, we'll go to the top planets

As per our recent announcement on our portal:, our top planets were:

1) 5:5:6 Aristotle19 of Hermetic Order
2) 1:7:9 RichardSS of BAYRAKTAR
3) 8:6:2 Firebird of BAYRAKTAR

They may all have different nicknamess but I can't see any of them online at the moment. Ha!

We have one!

Congrats @[HO]Matt B

Our #1 planet and winner of Round 96

It may help if he is there

so I think we'll move onto the top galaxy

maybe we'll be able to lasso some active top planets in, who have been taking their well-earned rest

So, our top galaxy was as follows:
The top galaxy was as follows:
8:6:1 carDi of BAYRAKTAR (GC)
8:6:2 Firebird of BAYRAKTAR (MoW)
8:6:3 ToKo of SWAT TEAM (MoD)
8:6:4 JPH of Imperium (MoC)
8:6:5 Satyr of Imperium
8:6:6 Deras of Norsemen
8:6:7 Qerr of BAYRAKTAR
8:6:8 ma**** of Hermetic Order
8:6:9 MQ of Ultores
8:6:10 Benediktina of quest alliance
Woo @[IMP]Satyr an active person
we'll go back to Matt whilst we see how many galaxy people are here 😄
I'm determined to interview someone
Over to you

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:11
There's no point capping roids if you just lose them afterall!

Appocomaster — Today at 22:11
Like you did right at the end?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:12
Exactly! Amazing support from HO and gal to cover my first big wave & FC, was great to have enough margin in the bag that we didnt need to bother with the last two tick incs

Appocomaster — Today at 22:13
So you've been right towards the top really for most of the round - the last week or two really pushed you to the top. What do you attribute that rise at the end to?
luck? politics? a change in tactics?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:14
Definitely the strength of our gal putting off incs and the great job HO did with pols were key to getting me to the top
@[HO]Zac A @[HO]gm did an amazing job all round with pols

Appocomaster — Today at 22:14
So it was more that you kept growing and keeping roids when others didn't?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:15
yeah, the war with VGN was particularly successful for me, landing 7 times in 3 days, but then the pols keep heat away from me for long enough to turn that into a good fleet

Appocomaster — Today at 22:16
Any regrets? things you wish had gone differently?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:16
Not getting the gal win? 😄

Everything went well to be honest, only crash was 10k CO on a self FC, kept fleet safe on every land, built enough amps to I scan most incs and only Phoenix that could fake on me well
Need a bit of luck to get to top and things just worked out well for me

Appocomaster — Today at 22:17
Any final people you would like to single out for thanks?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:19
There's obviously lots. @[HO]Zac A @[HO] Sarlacc @MeThOdMaN Racconjelli and @[HO]Alexander are the key ones. The welcome to DE jungle battle group were all amazing. and then just everyone else in HO! Special mention to @zzhou too, got to meet him in London the day I broke into T10, and never looked back!

Obviously great gal mates too 😄

Appocomaster — Today at 22:20
Great. Any final words? 🙂 Are you back next round to defend your title?

[HO]Matt B — Today at 22:21
I'll support the fight with HO, but maybe as a def planet! Just thanks again to everyone, well done to all of HO on ally win and Bay for the gal win.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:22
Well, thanks for making it @[HO]Matt B - much appreciated seeing you here. 🙂 Best of luck for next round
@JPH I saw you, come back
We're now going to see about speaking to the winning galaxy
luckily at least we have @MQ and hopefully @[IMP]Satyr here
MQ — Today at 22:24
qerr is here

Appocomaster — Today at 22:24

Qerr — Today at 22:24
I can I say no to that?

Appocomaster — Today at 22:25
No to winning the galaxy? if you want

Qerr — Today at 22:25
no to being ehre

Appocomaster — Today at 22:25
but unfortunately your galactic leader Cardi lead you to victory
well, you can not speak if you want

Qerr — Today at 22:25
I think he was sleeping

Appocomaster — Today at 22:26
so, congrats on stealing the gal win from Matt in 5:5 and 2:4

MQ — Today at 22:27
@ma**** is here too

Qerr — Today at 22:27
I blame firebird for that, without him dcing gal it would have been far way for us to win

[4.9]ma**** — Today at 22:27

Appocomaster — Today at 22:27
hai ma****

MQ — Today at 22:27

Appocomaster — Today at 22:28
will remove it from JPH, can't keep track of all the JPHs
There we go
well, we have half the galaxy
you've clearly shot most of the ministers
so the republic of 8:6, how was it?
apart from your minster of war
clearly night watchwoman MQ was important

[4.9]ma**** — Today at 22:31
Cardi didnt threaten to delete his planet this time.

MQ — Today at 22:31
I was trying to exile into Ult fort until i got into 8:6.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:31
(ikr, and I wasn't sure what the reactions were going to spell at first)
@MQ well, better that than nothing, right?

Appocomaster — Today at 22:31
you probably just missed it

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:31
she got the best.

MQ — Today at 22:32
exile got too expansive and seen its the ppl i know so i stay

Qerr — Today at 22:32
I was trying to exile to elviz's gal , but missed :\

Appocomaster — Today at 22:32
well, I hope they thanked you for leading them to the win

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:32
i dont mind being second choice qerr haha

MQ — Today at 22:32
i start up having fleet late until when i was ready .. the uni was onto ULT. When ever they are at 500 roids they get uni on them.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:33
so basically half the galaxy didn't want to be in the galaxy but ended up just staying ..
winning advertising 😄

Qerr — Today at 22:33
it's cardi, he did gun boat diplomacy to make us stay

Appocomaster — Today at 22:34
were there any highs - cardi threatening you to stay, firebird messing up your DCing ... @[IMP]Joseph as one of the commanding ministers of the galaxy, surely you kept communications open and helped to forge the winning team that we see partially represented before us?

MQ — Today at 22:34
firebird is the one dc for gal
cardi will be sleeping till eta 5

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:35
idd, simbird did great.

Qerr — Today at 22:35
he didn't mess up without him dcing we'd fail at gal win

Appocomaster — Today at 22:36
ah, I misinterpreted your comment about without him DCing the win would be further away

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:36
well, i guess we did it the 3 past rounds, cardi?

Appocomaster — Today at 22:36
I mean, when I was looking at the r95 announcement, there were some duplicate names
it was you and Satyr r94, no cardi

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:37
stoom best one around helping with the eorc fun

Appocomaster — Today at 22:37
95 had you, cardi, ma****

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:38
ahh idd,
r94 was me and satyr.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:38
so basically
someone needs to take out your galaxy next round

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:38
well, i would like to thank all the alliances HCs
to keep the game running
dedicating time for it, and helping to keep community alive

Appocomaster — Today at 22:39
to be fair, they do a better job of it than I do
Apparently Deras wants to speak too, now he identified himself

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:39
was a nice ultores return, bringing us some fun by just warring them.
and thank to all Imperium guys, good round, good memberbase, next round we are back 🙂

mohican — Today at 22:40
Yeah ult being back always means good fun and someone to pick on 🤪
As they can handle it
Rest usually just crumble like a deck of cards.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:42
any other thanks within or outside the galaxy>?

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:42
Cardi asked me to say a few words for him:

MQ — Today at 22:42
I would like the thank Ult for inviting to their return this round. Very Stressful round coz see 250+ fleet when the block comes. We manage to hold till the final day and the block see us will win and hit us really hard the last 2 days.

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:42
"hey pals, thank u very much, i love joseph, he is the best one around, no1 is more lovely than him"
thats all

Appocomaster — Today at 22:43
sounds authentic him

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:43

mohican — Today at 22:43
Thanks to those fighting both with and against us. Without them it would have been boring.

Qerr — Today at 22:43
in a far different dimenttion sure

mohican — Today at 22:43
Always good to know that when youbwqke up the galscreen would be filled with red

MQ — Today at 22:43
Thanks Firebird for the dc whenever the gal got inc. Crazy cross def ingal. Crazy Toko who crash 3x this round and @[IMP]Joseph who crash 1.4mil final day.

[IMP]Joseph — Today at 22:44
tyvm, have to go. keep the good work on
cya next round

Appocomaster — Today at 22:44
thanks all

MQ — Today at 22:44
I think he crash on Razer

mohican — Today at 22:44
Yeah, without firebird we'd be dead in the water
So huge thanks to him

Appocomaster — Today at 22:44
and congrats again on the gal win

MQ — Today at 22:45
His in thailand now .. so he wont wake up lol

Appocomaster — Today at 22:45
Cardi will get the credits to allocate amongst you as he sees fit
(as almighty GC)

Qerr — Today at 22:45
great we geting sscammed

Appocomaster — Today at 22:45
good old gc a gal then steal all the credit scan
anyway, best of luck 😄

MQ — Today at 22:45
oh ya
@Appocomaster Greg say discord sux btw

ma**** — Today at 22:46
Lol cheers for carrying me another round..

MQ — Today at 22:46
Thanks and good night

Appocomaster — Today at 22:46
p.s. this is way easier if ingame nickname = discord nickname 😄
So, finally we come to the winning alliance
"Hermetic Order" snuck in this round to win

Fiery — Today at 22:47
gets out the broom

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:47
Hi Appoc, hi Fiery!

[HO]gm — Today at 22:47
Hello Mr Appocomaster, how is married life?? She is keeping you away from PA too much!! 😛

Appocomaster — Today at 22:47
Hey guys

it's the kids and work as much as my wife, tbh

[HO]gm — Today at 22:48
getting old!

Appocomaster — Today at 22:48
I know
I creak sometimes, it's sad
well, gm, you've been here a few times, but welcome Zac for your EoRC Cherry. How does it feel to get here and, frankly, how did you manage to talk your way into alliance HC -ship?

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:49

Fiery — Today at 22:49
He never shuts up

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:49

Well, HO was created 2 rounds ago now by a core group of friends, and it really was just about having a space for us to play for fun and be a bit silly. It was never really meant to become a 50 person alliance, or to dream of being in the running for a top place.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:49
he must have learnt it from you, @Fiery

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:49
But recruitment went really well and then we were lucky enough to have the CT guys with a number of very experienced people join the group, as well as other long service veterans like GenChaos and it’s just gelled really well.

Fiery — Today at 22:49

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:50
So, I guess it was just something that came together.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:50
so gm, will CT split back out next round, or?

[HO]gm — Today at 22:50
oh err

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:50
Yeah GM???

Appocomaster — Today at 22:50
not wanting to ruin the party ... 😄
Fiery — Today at 22:51
Well GM?

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:51

[HO]gm — Today at 22:51
no we are sticking around for another one, as a group we are just too small to compete or live in the current poltics

Appocomaster — Today at 22:51
(good save)
so how did you manage to pull off an alliance win?
clearly Zac was the face of the operation and gm the mastermind behind it all - I get that much

[HO]gm — Today at 22:51
last time we played we were about 30 members and had vgn farm us the whole round so no thanks ;p

Appocomaster — Today at 22:51
but there's still so much detail ..

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:52
Mouthpiece and mastermind, yes

[HO]gm — Today at 22:53
he likes to type ;p

Appocomaster — Today at 22:53
it's okay, got 7 more minutes

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:54
Well, in terms of HO win. It really was a blend of everything. We learned a lot from last round. GM was an absolute saint supporting me on the pols side. And we worked really closely together. GenChaos came in with more DC advice than you could shake a stick at. And generally everyone cared. But I think that pols and other alliances and other situations really just played in our favour.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:54
do you feel you were underestimated as a new alliance?

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:54
I have a big thank you speech, like the oscars, primed and ready to go

Appocomaster — Today at 22:54
and do you think you can repeat anything like this next round?

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:55
Ummm, not underestimated. I think favoured? People often saw us as a best alternative to themselves. I think they liked the way we approach the game.
Can we do it again next round? What do you think GM? I think people will not give us the same grace next time.

[HO]gm — Today at 22:55
as a new allaince last round we were hammered with over 1k more incs than anyone else, most of that was because of preround politics bs, that thanks to agar3s bringing back ult this round, we managed to avoid

Appocomaster — Today at 22:56
well, we shall be watching

[HO]gm — Today at 22:56
we might need gide to not crash for a 2nd win

Appocomaster — Today at 22:56
okay, so completely impossible then
@[HO]Zac A did you want to roll speech?

Fiery — Today at 22:57
Good luck with that one

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:57
Sure, on behalf of the true power in the game and the universe (our reptilian overlords) I have this message.
Salutations humans. Fear not…. As the Hermetic Order and Conspiracy Theorists foretold, our benevolent race of reptilian overlords have walked amongst you for many centuries.
Now, in the wake of a mighty Robmageddon, we have seen the necessity to reveal ourselves to you in order to bring order to the chaos you have brought upon yourselves.
Please… accept our presence as a gift that we bestow upon all human kind. For we are the puppet masters and our cold touch reaches far beyond your comprehension.
Our Reptilian council would like to give thanks to the combined cultists of the Hermetic Order and Conspiracy Theory and our HCs - GM, GenChaos, Sarlacc, Methodman and Magni who have guided the cult to this momentous occasion.
We would also like to give thanks to all our cultists, including a menagerie of cats and one fine stallion.

But with special thanks to all those who dedicated extra time to covering def calls (Wildcat, Haseat, Toni, Paisley, Mithrandir, MGK, Darkest and Tuftie) to name a few, and Alexander for arranging nightly raids and managing attacks for our lizard loving brothers to feed.

However, the Hermetic Order did not do this alone. If you ever needed evidence of a network of highly influential people serving the will of the Lizardfolk, look no further than this round. We give special thanks to Nomads and W0 who found what you humans call their “big boy pants” early on in the round and took on tough battles to let the Lizards keep their tails. They are fierce, trustworthy and a delight to play with. Nomads also took the race down to the very wire. For them to achieve the kind of round they did with just 35 people speaks for itself and Veil and the team there are ludicrously talented.

But also to the many other alliances. Huge love to Zzhou and Coltores/QQ for their support of our Pwin and our good friends at IMP as well as Carnage, Bay, Norse, ND and Misfits for their favourable target selection, final day charge, support and previous shared attacks… and Swat for their unrelenting Ult FCs. Truly the Lizards network stretches far beyond their own alliance. Even the late decision to exile a player from the void of the known universe. Was this fortune, or does our Lizards reach extend beyond your this reality… we may never know, right Appoc?… WINK (That’s a joke).

Finally a firm thank you to Ultores who in the face of incredible opposition were still pushing for the win up to the very last day. They are great players too.

Appocomaster — Today at 22:58
oh yes, I have a question.



[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:58

Fiery — Today at 22:59
228 bitches

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:59
Well, we all know that the true people pulling the strings are the secret lizard overlords

[HO]gm — Today at 22:59
Thanks to sarlacc and the scanners, scanning is way more demanding than playing, always has been and is under appreciated!!

[HO]Zac A — Today at 22:59
Isnt that right Appoc and Fiery 😉

[HO]gm — Today at 22:59
The lizard overlord, Paul Chuckle... he is one of HO right??

Appocomaster — Today at 23:00
I don't know

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:00
OK, you stay human for a little longer.

Appocomaster — Today at 23:00
It can't be Barry any more 😦

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:00

[HO]gm — Today at 23:00

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:00
Yeah this

Appocomaster — Today at 23:00
hahahah what
HOW much did you pay him,?!?!?!

[HO]gm — Today at 23:01
to you!

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:01
We have another award ceremony to come next week, now that we finished top, it has to be a big one.

I wonder if Paul will be back.

Appocomaster — Today at 23:01
he mis-pronounced Planetarion
anyway, any final words

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:01
Best bit tbh

[HO]gm — Today at 23:01
Thanks to every member of the hermetic order, you all played your part, even gide!
Also thanks to the defence team, they save us when we sleep, I like to sleep!

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:02
Just thanks to everyone in the PA community for still being here and playing, thanks to the admin team for keeping the game going. It is a huge part of my teenage years. Much love. See you all next round.

[HO]gm — Today at 23:03
thanks sulu

Appocomaster — Today at 23:03
Thanks to you both, and best of luck for next round

[HO]Zac A — Today at 23:03
Thanks mum

[HO]gm — Today at 23:03
you dont need your brother

Appocomaster — Today at 23:03
I am having a few issues with the R96 (beta) history stats, so they'll be up tomorrow unfortunately
but otherwise havoc will be starting tomorrow - best of luck to those who want to play it
And catch you all next time 🙂

Fiery — Today at 23:04
Round name poll is up in the announcements

go vote
R4-5 DDK
R6 Vanx
R7-R10 FAnG
R10 Eclipse
R10.5-R13 FAnG
R20-23 CT
R23 (CT BG) ToF
R24-R82... CT
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