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Unread 5 May 2021, 13:51   #1
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Fund Market Fluctations

With all the crypto crazyiness going on I had a thought, why don't you do random market fluctuations on the open market, both for planets and alliances, where it fluctuates some days to maybe 5% and some days up to 25% and then anywhere in between.

It would give the MOD and players maybe some more incentive to watch the markets and to level the alliance fund on days where it is more beneficial.

Or maybe make Metal worth 5% one day when Crystal is %25, etc..
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Re: Fund Market Fluctations

I like this, and maybe it should follow the same method of how ships cost goes up and down depending on the universal ship numbers.

So if metal is in high demand, cost goes up for it.

No one wants crystal because who likes EMP anyways? You get way more crystal in trade now!

Adds that living breathing game feel and definitely can make people think twice about whether to trade or not, when to trade, etc. Right now it's not much of a decision to think about since it's just a static cost (with only race modifier anyways).
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