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Unread 23 May 2003, 13:56   #1
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sword is infamous around these partssword is infamous around these partssword is infamous around these parts
Starbucks & Becky

uhhh... i was bored:

Becky > Oi SB, i thought we agreed to keep our wedding plans secret
Starbucks > Thats right love, we did
Becky > Then how come my dad knows about it??
Stabrucks > err... i posted it on the err... internet
Becky > You did WHAT??? i really wanted to tell my own friggin parents and you... grrr
Starbucks > Hey calm down my loveygoo, im sorry ok? i wub u
Becky > Hmmm... i love you too, but you'll be inviting that damn Planetarion group to the wedding next ffs
Stabrucks > ..... uh... I cant wait to actually meet you in rl
Becky > I know, its weird this internet dating etc
Starbucks > Heh, knowing my luck, ur probably a dude, lol
Starbucks > ?
Starbucks > You still there Becky??
Starbucks > Huh??
Becky > uh... sorry i nipped out for a shave
Stabrucks > A WHAT??
Becky > I mean potatoes....... i had to shave my potatoes
Starbucks > You dont shave potatoes, you peel them?
Becky > Whatever...
Starbucks > Your not a dude are you?? Please no dont be a dude!!
Starbucks > ??
Becky > Sorry, course im not a dude... but you love me for my mind right?? and i love you sooo much
Starbucks > Hmm.... i wub u u likkle kissypie
Becky > Phew.. and theres the wedding night to look forward to :-)
Starbucks > :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Becky > Our bodies will be as one, we will sail together on a sea of ecstacy
Stabrucks > We could shag too!!!
Becky > SB!! dont be so crude! you spend too long on that bloody internet
Starbucks > i know but im a cyb0r celebrity
Becky > You wanna get out more, that internet is screwing your brain
Starbucks > mmk.. guess what then? i got a tatoo across my chest today!
Becky > Cool! what does it say
Stabrucks > Nodrog
Becky > What the hell does Nodrog mean?
Starbucks > uh... nothing
Nodrog has joined #dyb
Nodrog > Hiyall, its me, someone mentioned Nodrog?
Becky > SB, who IS THIS??
Stabrucks > uh.... i dunno!
Nodrog > Ok gtg, someone just mentioned Nodrog in #forums
Nodrog has quit #dyb
Becky > SB!!! who the f*** is Nodrog??
Starbucks > uhhh... a ginger haired guy from scotland
Becky > ffs :-(
Stabrucks > ... i wub u u pixiepoo
Becky >... i love you too :-)
Starbucks > :-) ur my reason for living :-)
Becky > aww shucklybums :-)
Starbucks > wibbly wubbly u :-)
Becky > Hmm.. but when we get married, there will be no more internet for you - ever
Becky > ?
Becky > ??
Becky > You still there?
Becky > STARBUCKS???
Starbucks has quit #dyb /*the wedding's off - die you bitch*
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