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Round 88 and Round 89

Round 88

Round 88 - Vengeance has just finished, with the End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) starting shortly 21:00 GMT for an hour in #planetarion on (accessible via the com unit).

It will consist of:
- interviews with the top players (who get 1 credit each)
- interviews with the top galaxy (who get 5 credits in total)
- interviews with representatives of the top alliance (who get 5 credits in total)
- the alliance competition (allcomp), where users will [tag] in their nickname for their alliance, and the winning alliance will win 3 credits.

The winners are as follows:

Top planets:

1) 9:4:3 gmufc of ODDR
2) 5:3:8 ReligFree of DLR
3) 6:4:2 Lacter of P3NGUINS

Top Galaxy:

2:5:1 Blue_Esper of ODDR (MoW)
2:5:2 Clau of The Heralds of ChaoZ
2:5:3 Crowsnek of The Heralds of ChaoZ (MoC)
2:5:4 Jehuty of ODDR
2:5:5 Zwanstic Mofo of The Heralds of ChaoZ (GC)
2:5:6 SBS of VGN
2:5:7 hone of ODDR (MoD)
2:5:8 Obliterate of P3NGUINS
2:5:9 Xavalon of The Heralds of ChaoZ

Top Alliance:

Zero Tolerance

Havoc setup will shortly be setup as follows:

- All researches completed
- 500 million resources total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
- 3000 asteroids total (split over metal/crystal/eonium according to race)
- 30 of each factory, 30 wave amplifiers, 50 security centres and 30 of each refinery ADDED to each planet
- Fleets recalled
- XP kept
- Asteroid mining limits increased to 8 million asteroids total
- Maximum construction limit set at 800 constructions
- Ticks set at every 15 minutes.
- Alliances will be reset and new alliances of those in a cluster will be created
- Increasing donation limits and fund sizes by 100x

Havoc will start at 09:00 GMT on Saturday, 26th September and continue until Thursday, 8th October at 20:00 GMT.

Round 89
Round 89 - Disconnected, will have signups opening on Friday, 9th October.

Stats will shortly be available on our beta server stats page.

Some initial changes include:
- Buddy packs of 6
- Alliances being a maximum of 50, with 40 counting
- Additional changes around XP including more XP defence and modifications to XP for attacking, also around war and the attacking balance. These will be confirmed before signup.

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