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Caj is just really niceCaj is just really niceCaj is just really niceCaj is just really nice
VGN Open Recruitment r90

The Vgn Motto is: "It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees".

Standing Orders: Have fun, be active, attack daily, follow build orders and set an alliance fleet when you snooze.

Communications: Telegram #VGN.

High Command Team: JUDO, cr0 and Caj

What do we offer?
We have dedicated Hc for each area. Caj will be running defence, monitoring build plans and ensuring members all have good fleet synergy. Caj has lots of time to run defence and will be focusing on continuing to build an excellent defence culture within VGN for future. Judo and cr0 will be running daily attacks, sometimes we do midnight raids, sometimes we do morning raids, and sometimes we do traditional tp and raids. Quite often we have 2 raids up per day so always lots of targets

What are we looking for?
members of all skill levels, so whether you're an experienced player looking for a new home and change of pace or you're a new player looking to learn about PA and all that it entails....come join us unless you are a ****, if you are a **** you can **** away off.

Apply in game or come chat with us on our public Telegram channel using this Link:

Ps: my personal planet will not be good this round as all my efforts will be going to organising defence for everyone else 🤣
see below how pro I am
Round 17 - Rank 3 - Omen (Zik)
Round 18 - Rank 2 - eXilition (Zik)
Round 20 - Rank 7 - Destiny (Zik)
Round 24 - Rank 2 - Conspiracy (Xan)
Round 28 - Rank 4 - Ascendancy (Xan)
Round 66 - Rank 9 - Ultores (Etd)
Round 83 - Rank 10 - #METOO (Zik)
Round 85 - Rank 3 - QQ (Etd)
Round 89 - Rank 2 - VGN (Zik)
Round 91 - Rank 9 - VGN (Zik)
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