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KillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really niceKillGhost is just really nice
Public Service Announcements from THE RED PEGGERS.

Ding Dong Ding

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from THE RED PEGGERS.

It is time for one of the highlights of a new round. The first PSA! Let me start with the first FC of this round:

I hope it was as fun for this guy as it was for us.

We have had quite a few FC's and lolwaves already this round. As always we are enjoying this game and the tears it keeps generating.

A couple of days ago we had this nice FC. We love it when defenders crash:

Time to award extra salvage for crashing defenders also? And why stop there? Why not award 120 procent salvage. That would stop the flowing of the tears.

Yesterday Fruitnap was assaulted twice by our next victim. Time for some retaliation. It was yet again Stellar who thought it was a smart move to attack us. It is kinda funny though. Wendy wanted to exile one of our members from her galaxy because she attacked stellar, and it seems you can't attack Stellar when you are in a Stellar galaxy, even when it is a retal. Perhaps it is time to put Wendy on a leash again like last round? She acts like she is a self appointed moral officer. Note to Wendy: we don't need your permission to attack. Here is the brep for your enjoyment :

For more info and/or enjoyment join our public channel. Click on this link

Thank you for paying attention to our PSA.

With kind regards,

Public Relations Officer

Ding Dong Ding
[Fury] Exec
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Former Public Relations Officer of QQ
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