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Re: I've not played since Round Z? What's changed?

The way any logical person sees it is if it takes 5h there it will take 5h back. This is not a role playing game where you can make up in character reasons for why things work a certain way and have them accepted regardless of them not being in any way logical.

if a galmate has incomings 5h after I do, he should be able to send defense to me, and after combat it should take the exact same time for my fleet and his fleet to travel from my planet to his and do combat there. Anything other than that is totally illogical and can't be good.

Both his fleet and my fleet have engines on and all guns blazing in this scenario. making Ultimate Newbies reason unvalid.

As for JonnybeGood's strange explanation with dashes.. I can't even understand it, so..
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