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Re: Idea to increase player numbers

Originally Posted by Bastet View Post
They should check out Dimex of App attacking Fanx three times within 48 hours, including landing their CR there (a Rule 19 gal) whilst trying to fake them to a Rule 19 planet (that can iscan Dimex and see that there's only CR pods padded with FI or CO), landing two ticks later.

Fanx is both a returning player and has no alliance currently (I hear thanks to Adapt forcing a merge between Golden Circle and CT without consulting the members of GC, and a number of GC quitting the tag in protest, great way to retain existing players Adapt!). He's also almost 2M score behind Dimex but hey, nice virtue signalling App .

Practice what you preach? Please don't, it wouldn't be as trololololol.

EDIT: Make that four times in 72 hours.
Well whatever side of the story you have heard must be true

Myself and QT-Wolf both agreed to merge with Conspiracy, the 2 HCs.
QT-Wolf decided to turn back on the merge after it had already started, and he took fanx and some other guy with him.
Fanx should not be alliance-less, he seems like a decent player that could slot into a tag no problem, it was his choice to leave Conspiracy, so for that I also roided him twice
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