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Appocomaster 23 Sep 2013 22:10

Planetarion Race History
Recently, there have been several backstory discussions.

I'm making this subforum to allow people to discuss their ideas for the history of Planetarion.

To provide a framework, in the past we've had this rough set of facts. Feel free to adapt but please, when posting, if you're changing from this logic, make this clear. :)

Terran are human-based. Eitraides were once Terran based but are now traders, who get ships from other races.

Xan were always the traditional enemies of Terran, focusing their energies on hiding their ships at the expense of armour.

Cathaar are more technically advanced, but are peaceful and so have more powerful stun weapons.

They came up against another advanced race in the Zikonians, who focused on stealing enemy ships.

Hopefully, not only will we have nice back stories for the game, but we can get potentially story ideas to feed back into the game, in terms of narrative ideas.

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