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Ultimate Newbie 24 Jun 2007 15:44

Galaxy Name/Banner Rules
The purpose of this thread is to clarify how the Multihunters interpret the rules as stated in the EULA regarding offensive/inappropriate Galaxy Banners and Names.

If you are unsure, to any extent, drop by #multihunters on and talk with a MH BEFORE you upload any image to the game server(s).

Galaxy Banners and Galaxy Names Rules.

The following is a list of offenses that are cause for removal/reset of your galaxy banner and/or galaxy name. The Galaxy Commander of every galaxy takes full responsibility for the banner and name of his or her galaxy. Therefore any warning or punishment will be delievered to the GC.

1) Pornographic, or otherwise unacceptable material.

Pornographic material is currently defined to be the display of excessive flesh, breasts or genitalia, in either a softcore or hardcore manner in photographic, cartoon or any other visual form.

Unacceptable images are deemded to be anything of particular violence or distaste and anything the admins deem, fairly, to be inappropriate.

Links (or URLs) to any of the above material, either displayed in the galaxy banner or galaxy name will be met with the same action as displaying the material directly.

URLs pointing to any textual data or documents regarding competitors of Planetarion, any of the material described above and anything else that is deemed inappropriate for the Planetarion community will be removed at our disgression.

2) Bad Language.

Any word or phrase deemed to be insulting, offensive, racist, or of a nature not acceptible for child viewing, whether displayed on a galaxy banner or used within the galaxy name, will be removed and depending on the severity of the offense, punishment dealt.

3) Racism.

Racist and/or discriminating imagery and language is unacceptible in either a galaxy banner or galaxy name, and will be removed on sight. Racism includes, but is not limited to, derogatory or offensive comments towards any country, nationality, race, sexuality and gender. Racism will be dealth with severe action against the Galaxy Commander of the galaxy. It is not welcome nor acceptable in any form.

4) In-game images.

The imitation of in-game graphics and content is forbidden either untouched, altered or ammended in any way. This includes images such as the galaxy screen with ammended scores/roid counts or incoming warnings, etc. Images breaking rules in this category will be reset on sight and in severe or repeat cases, a first warning given to the Galaxy Commander.

5) 'Bot' banners.

Banners which check the viewer's IP address or any other defining identification against a list of known users, in any form such as IRC, alliance member lists or any other is not acceptable. This applies whether or not the galaxy banner image is altered depending on the viewer.

We understand that webservers log any view attempt on galaxy banners. However, galaxies that log viewers for the purpose of analysing in any form are not permitted.

6) Other.

Finally, this list is subject to change. If a galaxy banner or name is found which is in the contraints of these rules, but is deemed to be unacceptable for the varying ages found within Planetarion, it will be removed and the rules will be altered to compensate.

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