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Androme 30 Jan 2009 15:52

Logonui.exe fkd up :o
I got Vista Ultimate w/ SP1. Anyway, I replaced logonui.exe with a custom one from wincustomize and it has fkd up. It does the boot process fine but when it comes to loading the login screen, all i see is a black screen, i can move the mouse around but I can't login.

It comes up with a lil dialog box saying logonui.exe has had to shutdown or something. Then it fails to ever load the logon screen.

What to do :/ I've tried looking around google, but chkdsk /r and chkdsk /f and chkntfs have all failed as has /sfc thingy.

Thanks all :D

Phil^ 30 Jan 2009 15:59

Re: Logonui.exe fkd up :o
did you back up the original before replacing it.
Can you get to a recovery console

have you tried *copying the original one back* through said console

have you considered that a repair install will also fix it?

have you learned your lesson about cocking about with system files in an already flaky operating system

MrLobster 17 Feb 2009 12:00

Re: Logonui.exe fkd up :o
Its not a flaky operating system, its flaky drivers, and most people forget that and just blame the OS. Remember that XP had the same problems when it came out.

I've been using Vista for about 2 years and i've had crashes like everyone else. No OS is perfect, because no human is perfect. But with everything it gets better.

But then since I bought the PC, i've had to RMA the motherboard, and even now i'm waiting on news from XFX about my now broken gfx card. So in all fairness it probably was a flaky system to begin with.

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