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Change ID: 53 Type: Feature-Request
Title: reduce roid cost Status: Rejected (New Feature)
Severity: New (Change) Version: N/A - Future Feature
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Registered User DragonKing
5 Oct 2011 14:52

as listed here drop the cost of instiating the first say 500 roids so that players can catch up better when roided. to help retain more players who are bashed

PA TeamAppocomaster
26 Sep 2012 23:20
Just to say that this is the case - the more roids you have the more expensive. I'm not sure that making them any cheaper for the first roids (i.e. non-linear increase in roid cost per roid) will help much long term.
Roids are a lot cheaper than they used to be; we did halve the costs pretty much.

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