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Change ID: 45 Type: Bug
Title: alliance nicknames Status: Closed (Fixed & Tested)
Severity: Major Version: Round 35 - Game
Assigned To: Unassigned

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Planetarion Support Team Member Will
6 Apr 2010 21:15
when a member leaves an alliance, any changes they make to their alliance nickname should not affect the previous alliance log entries.

PA TeamAppocomaster
27 Apr 2010 22:33
This is so awkward
(in case you can't guess, we've not directly linked nickname to logs in any of the logging but used an id field instead to save storing the nicknames everywhere. you keep making me reverse this!)

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
28 Apr 2010 11:43
i appreciate that using the user id is usually better, but imo a log should be historically accurate.

if it's any help, the way i'd do it is use the fact that the alliance nick can't be changed while in an alliance. maybe have some sort of table for mapping userid+alliance(+join tick?) to an alliance nick and use the id from that table in the logs, that way if they change nick to join another ally, the first ally's logs are unchanged.

ofc i'm sure you have more important things to be coding, this was just a minor niggle.

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