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Change ID: 44 Type: Feature-Request
Title: suggestions for empty pages Status: Closed (Fixed & Tested)
Severity: Trivial (e.g. Display Text) Version: Round 35 - Game
Assigned To: Appocomaster

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Planetarion Support Team Member Will
9 Mar 2010 03:44
i notice when starting a planet there are a few pages where you can't do anything, i think it would be useful if the page itself suggested what action is needed elsewhere to enable functionality rather than overwhelming new players with useless empty tables.

for example, the fleets page could suggest going to the production page to order ships and the production page could suggest research and factories...

PA TeamAppocomaster
24 Jul 2010 23:01
Done news page, journal page, mining page (a little), production page.
May do fleet/missions page later.

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