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Change ID: 43 Type: Feature-Request
Title: sorting tables, lists, etc Status: New
Severity: Trivial (e.g. Display Text) Version: Round 35 - Game
Assigned To: Unassigned

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Planetarion Support Team Member Will
14 Feb 2010 13:34
1) it'd be nice if the tables on the alliance members and applicants pages used the new javascript method for sorting by columns to save reloading the same data all the time.

2) the lists for tax status, sharing scans and add alliance scanner could be sorted (more) logically. tax status i can see is sorted by status and then name whereas it'd make far more sense to order by size descending before sorting alphabetically (as an alternative, add the javascript sorting to those columns), the other 2 lists don't seem to be sorted at all...

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