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Change ID: 39 Type: Bug
Title: scan requests DoS Status: Closed (Fixed & Tested)
Severity: Major Version: Round 35 - Game
Assigned To: Unassigned

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Planetarion Support Team Member Will
7 Jan 2010 17:10
Members can request the same scan an unlimited number of times AND there is no way for either the requester, a scanner or an HC to remove a request if it can't be done for whatever reason.

Thus a member can, if so inclined, easily execute a sort of denial of service by filling the scan requests page with impossible requests and pushing legitimate requests out of sight.

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
7 Jan 2010 17:28
or if i weren't so paranoid, i can imagine drunk/tired members entering the wrong coords but being unable to cancel them and then alliance resources wasted doing unwanted scans.

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
20 May 2011 13:18
I suppose I should note here that I've noticed it's been possible for a while for requesters and scanners to delete requests.

Still possible to request the same scan several times though...

PA TeamAppocomaster
7 Aug 2011 15:25
It's on my todo list to allow you to give a recent scan but I'm not sure how worthwhile it is stopping this.

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