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Change ID: 32 Type: Feature-Request
Title: Enhanced covert OP Status: Rejected (New Feature)
Severity: Major Version: N/A - Future Feature
Assigned To: Unassigned

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Registered User Stuhlman
16 Sep 2009 01:22

As I mentioned in the above thread , an increase in covert op stealth combined in reduction of stealth recovery would allow covert opers to play a better part of an alliance, being able to hit and maintain an appropriate time for their attacks vs currently waiting on stealth recovery every other tick.

To protect against covert opers abusing this, a higher alert level can be given to a planet is targeted if that's even an issue.

Covert op is the best representation of espionage/conspiracy that is around us in real life, lets give them an ability to succeed and make top 100.

PA TeamAppocomaster
18 May 2016 00:39

we're not changing the balance more for covert ops. It is possible to be immune through one of many methods (if the player wants) but we can't change it to make it possible to be less immune and make it more powerful.

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