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Change ID: 25 Type: Bug
Title: Missing alliance log entries Status: Closed (Fixed & Tested)
Severity: Trivial (e.g. Display Text) Version: Round 35 - Game
Assigned To: Appocomaster

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Planetarion Support Team Member Will
13 Jul 2009 19:26
When a member's planet/account gets deleted (not sure on this since there should be a mail that I can't find), I'd expect an entry to be added to the log with a "Deleted" action, similar to the "Left" action. Instead we seem to lose all record of their existance, no "Applied", no "Joined", etc.

I don't know how anybody else does things, but I parse this log into our arby to maintain the member list. In the future I plan to extend this to controlling access, but without the corresponding deleted action in the log there is nothing to trigger removal of permissions. I notice this bug because we have a member record in the arby that no longer exists ingame, I can provide the applied and joined timestamps and the nickname if needed.

PA TeamAppocomaster
17 Jan 2010 00:00
When someone is deleted all their entries go. This will be changed for next round to log the names of the planets and hcs even if they are deleted, and to add a deleted record if they are deleted.

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
22 Jan 2010 19:29
I'm not sure but I suspect the alliance tax and scanner logs are also affected by deleted members... does this fix apply to these pages too?

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
27 Jan 2010 03:08
Another thing I've noticed is there's no log entry to indicate a planet has left automatically after resetting themselves...

PA TeamAppocomaster
27 Apr 2010 22:31
It won't fix it. sorry! I'll have a look at that sometime

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
1 May 2010 12:06
just noticed the deleted logs don't seem to be working and i think this counts as 'next round'... we have a mail that a member was deleted for inactivity and no mention of him in the logs, just fyi

Planetarion Support Team MemberWill
4 Jun 2010 15:22
another round, still no log entries for deleted planets...

PA TeamAppocomaster
26 Feb 2013 20:31
I think this is done?


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