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Change ID: 14 Type: Feature-Request
Title: Covert Op - Reverse JGP Status: Rejected (New Feature)
Severity: New (Change) Version: N/A - Future Feature
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This Space for Rent Zaejii
3 May 2009 21:50
I would like to propose a new Covert Operation that when used on a planet will reveal fleets traveling away from that planet.

Normally you can only see which fleets have been sent out from a planet by using a News scan (which is delayed by 3 ticks). This would introduce a way to work around that when deciding to land attacks or deciding to launch if someone does not have certain ships available to them. It could allow target, eta, and amount of ships in the fleet to be shown or not.

PA TeamAppocomaster
14 May 2009 22:01
This has no backing thread - please start one.
I'd also prefer to see a scan, as it makes far more sense having this as a scan than a covert op. Its real use would be to see if planets are pre launching, and in this case some sort of hidden data is probably not a bad thing.

This Space for RentZaejii
15 May 2009 09:20
started a thread running here with a general proposition of covert op or scan (with scan probably being the better option).

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