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Change ID: 12 Type: Feature-Request
Title: 1 player per galaxy Status: Rejected (New Feature)
Severity: Major Version: N/A - Future Feature
Assigned To: Unassigned

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Registered User Makhil
2 May 2009 02:57
Each player starts with a planet in a galxy, he has the option of exploring his galaxy to find more hospitable (inhabited?) planets and develop them. Up to 5 planets can be found and played. All in the same galaxy, all accessible from the same account.
Example of interface:
Idea discussed on forum:

PA TeamAppocomaster
2 May 2009 19:35
This is by no means a 'sure' change, to be honest. Pretty sure it conflicts with your other change.

Registered UserTiamat101
3 May 2009 19:19
This Idea Sounds Great! I think 5 is too much... maybe 3.

PA TeamAppocomaster
14 May 2009 22:03
This is something potentially far in the future but by no means certain; I also disagree with removing galaxy support, such as it is.

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