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A way to make war and level the playing field for all... Alliances

This has come from the thread in AD on why Pa lacks wars....

A suggestion !!!

I have seen this in other Online Games

To encourage wars there should be a system in the game for alliances to officially declare war on an other.

EG: Alliance A delcares war on Alliance B EG: For the captuer of 1000 roids or the kill of 4mil in value of ships

Alliance A in their declaration of war states thier objective EG: The roid capture are value kill as above.

Alliance A must acheive this in a certain amount of ticks or Alliance B wins that war.

On winning or defending the war a prize would be given to each alliance member EG: Resources or in game alliance score.

The harder the challenge put out the higher the prize.

Rules: Bash limits of challenges between alliances eg: Alliance Ranked 1 cant hit Alliance ranked a certain value/size etc below it.

Chanllenges can be refused but a list would be seen by all in game of all challenges.

I do think this would work and change the game a little and the politics.
This invovles all alliances and gives them a fair crack of winning the rnd

As i said just an idea ........

Fine tweaks etc etc etc
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