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PA Team Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions for PA Team -
Hopefully this will help to inform everyone about who does what within the team.

Biffy - [email protected]

Representative of Jolt

Mit - [email protected]
Game Development and Coding Team Leader
Multihunting Team Leader

Responsible for the day to day running of the game. Keeping the game online and generally maintaining the servers. Selecting and managing the in game admins and also co-ordinating the development of future additions to the game, testing these and then deploying. Talking to the community and finding what they want and what can be done, finding a suitable medium

Karmulian - [email protected]
Communications and PR Manager

Responsible for commuication between PA Team, the reps and the users of Planetarion. Karmulian is also responsible for ensuring that PA is promoted in a good light. In addition he is also responsible for the portal code, and finding content for it which works in association with the newsletter where most of the dynamic content will be.

A2 - [email protected]
PA Team Manager
Official Channels Manager

Responsible for the day to day running of PA Team and settling disputes between members the PA Team manager has to ensure that deadlines are set and met for the various projects. Can also remove members, or add members to PA Team after a vote within the team.
Management of the Official IRC channels, and dealing with issues with the channel ops. The manager is in charge of setting the channel rules and making sure that the channel ops have the relevant information to do their jobs.

Deputy Manager (#planetarion): Mushroom

Phil^ - [email protected]
Help and Support Manager

Phil^ is responsible for the running of all the help & support medium. These include the support tickets via the portal, the IRC channels (notably #support) and [email protected] He also is in charge of appointing people to the channel teams for support channels.
Also in charge of producing the Planetarion Manual content

Deputy Manager: Azrael

JammyJim - [email protected]
Forums Admin

Keeps the day to day running of the forums in check. The manager is in charge of the moderators who each run their own boards. All rule changes and new implementations must go through the manager.
Deputy Manager: JC

Mushroom - [email protected]
NetGamers Liason and #planetarion Deputy Manager

As #planetarion deputy manager Mushroom should be contacted if there are complaints or queries about #planetarion when A2 isn't around. He has the power to issue official warnings to official channel ops, suspend, or remove access when necessary.
As NetGamers liason Mushroom is responsible for keeping the network up to date on the progress of PA and for keeping PA Team up to date with changes made in the network and their policies towards network partners and official channels etc.

Therealmig - [email protected]
Payments and Marketing

Therealmig will be the main contact for all payment and marketing promotions and ideas. He will work alongside A2 for all payment support questions to help improve and elaborate on the service Planetarion currently offers. He will also work alongside Karmulian to provide improved marketing options to Jolt to help make Planetarion a more cost effective game for the Planetarion and Jolt communities.

Therealmig should be the first contact for the PA Team with anything to do with Marketing and/or payment ideas.

JC - [email protected]
Forums Vice-Admin

JC has the same admin ability as the Head Manager, and so takes on that role whenever the Head Manager is absent. Must also check on the day to day running of each board on the forums and make sure the moderator team as a whole works smoothly.

Azrael - [email protected]
Support Team Deputy Manager

Day to day running of #support, and as a backup to Phil^ when he's offline. He should also make sure that the team runs smoothly together, and the #support team has enough information to deal with queries. Also [email protected] and support tickets.

Ice-Lady - [email protected]
Newsletter/PNN Manager

Ice-Lady is responsible for running the team that produces the code and content for the Planetarion Newsletter.

Aryn - [email protected]
Alliance Liason

The job of the Alliance Liason is to represent the views of alliances in matters such as game design, speedgame setups, situations that arise during a round etc. Basically to ensure that the game is and will be enjoyable for alliance players. It's the equivalent of being head of the ill-fated PA Senate, although hopefully with regular meetings between the HC's and Aryn this version won't die a death. The job also has to balance the needs of the smaller, 10 player type newbie alliances with the needs of the large veteran alliances such as Fang and Eclipse.

...and the non-pateam members of the teams who moderate the forums, op for #planetarion and answer queries in #support

Ashknight (#pa)
Atomic Cow (mod)
Chef (support)
ComradeRob (mod)
Darkling (mod)
Dead Meat (mod)
Deviant (support)
DragonLord (#pa)
Hatter (support)
Kloopy (#pa, support)
Kurashima (mod)
Marilyn Manson (mod)
MaT (support)
Meglamaniac (mod)
Mendosa (#pa)
PiaZava (mod)
Queball (mod)
Shadow1980 (#pa)
Tseia (mod)
Uberfish (#pa)
Ultimate Newbie (aka. Sovereign) (mod)
Wakey (mod)
Xontas (support)
Zokum (#pa)
`Paul (#pa)
- A2

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Re: PA Team Job Descriptions

Out of date.
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Re: PA Team Job Descriptions

give me a rewind
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Re: PA Team Job Descriptions

Give me a forward-rewind.
As i went down the list a dep was not mentioned.
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