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Unread 7 Oct 2011, 07:53   #1
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Round 43 WHO WERE YOU???

My favourite thread of the round, especially since the calibre of this round was so bloody AD awful, even for AD's standards!

Basically I was 4 7 8

end round, i finished:

Size: 567
Value: 3,531,214 270
Score: 4,418,194 264
XP: 14,783 240

Total Round Roids: 2908
Total Lost Roids: 2341

Fleet consisted of Beetles/Scarabs.... And some Scorpion - although not too many as we never had CR/BS incs, being allied to ND.

So let's start from the beginning. I was trying to form a "fence" BP... speaking to Crowly pre round we were going to set a 5man diff ally bp up. However, Crowly decided to join a p3ng BP (Which ultimately failed horrifically).

I ended up in BP with Carrington ( never again - he emo'd out badly and crashed all of his BS fleet, even though I sorted his strat and ensured a top 100 finish... ), Gary (good friend, xVx, I was really dissapointed to see him receive so little defence from his alliance, he, as normal, plays for everyone else and needs to learn to be more selfish!!! Something I will drill in him for next round!), Althizor (actually turned out to be pretty damn decent... He wasn't very good, sent attack when I grounded but he followed my advice and built mass cons as Ter, plus attacked frequently - wouldn't bp him again, but grats on top 100 finish!) and finally Shirel/Koks who completely failed, from the start he was inactive and horrifically bad, he crashed, idled and overal completely sucked. Never again!

From tick 12 we had decent randoms ingal. Sprally from CT was great ! I am hoping he finished t25 which wouldn't be very deserved... basically he got roids because of me!! and he was very inactive!! I think he stayed up one night all round!! Rom from xVx was okay... would never want him in game again!! Then we had decent exiles, Dedin - who was very useful... Darkheart who, well, became employed and sucked hard... Then a latesignup who managed to get banned - ManiacMagic.... haha

The galaxy looking in looked ok...We had a random who idled away, Coldfun, who we put in TGV, having APP/CT/ND/xVx/TGV ingal made a nice fence and for a while we didn't have any incommings... At least until the wars came, and then we were doomed!! As myself and sprally both CT and Cat it wasnt the best of combos!!

However, I must admit roiding with Cat CO was very easy early round... Let me just talk about my start... I rushed Cat CO and eta, being OOP eta -8 I hit a couple trgts with + 500 roids and I build another fleet to cap in the morning giving me a total of 671 roids... over 350+ in 24 hours was pretty fab... After that ROCK hit us the second night OOP and managed to walk through and cap a lot of roids... completely battering us to be fair... This wasnt very fun so early in the round. After that we had incs from p3ng and a couple of allys, ult i think and some more, each time we covered easily...

Then the FC's began, for about a week solid I had a fc attempt daily... Many thanks to CT for defending each one!!! One time I had a huge p3ng/xVx one, but again, was covered solidly by CT.. thanks to PDog for being the main DC.

Other than that, CT was pretty decent for attacking, weak on def, although I do believe it got better. Unfortunately mid round I send some fleet to attack Neroon/IVar of xvx 5 4 9... It was a complete fail.. my phone was on silent, and I believed I had recalled before I went to sleep... soooo bad... 600k or so??? So that sucked.. plus i got absolutely battered being in dubai not being able to go on run and hide.... So that sucked a lot!

It was a fun round, props to all the winners, deserved or not...

Anyway thanks for entertaining my annoying pms to csillag, dedin & cat

See you all next round!

Can anyone beat this?

Total Incomings Received: 770
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Unread 9 Oct 2011, 15:17   #2
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Re: Round 43 WHO WERE YOU???

I was:

Game of Thrones (5:4:9) (Cathaar)

Score: 7,923,104 (rank:12)
Value: 6,869,264 (rank:18)
Size: 1062 (rank:225)

Total round roids: 3191
Total lost roids: 2129

Went random and unpaid, started and finished in 5:4, met a bunch of nice new ppl that i hadnt played together before, had a pretty decent round at last :P

5:4 wasnt the most active gal, but we had a good run.. mainly cos we had 4 nd, 2 ct and 2 xvx in it, which kinda fenced it decently.. we were mainly hit by ultores, as we were kinda quickly able to outgrow from the sight of smaller alliances..

gal consisted of Grey (ND), Jeffro (CT), Spammer (ND), LEska (xVx), Juri (ND), Craze (ND), DarkAngel (insomnia/dlr), dogz (CT), forest1 (HR) and paisley (ToF) as our late signup.

Most active ppl were Jeffro, me, LEska, Spammer, paisley and dogz.. they were also a very great deal of help.. specially LEska and dogz in the 1st part of the round with thier sweet xan def fleets.. Jeffro was a bit lost in the beginning with his fleets, thank god he changed to fi after some slapping.. DA, Grey and Juri were quite inactive, but at around when we needed em and also reacheble via phones.. Craze, well i hope i dont need to play with him again :P inactive and deleted himself..

ultores hit us about 5-6 times maybe? there was a day we received rock incs as well i belive, otherwise, we were unharmed.. there was a slight change when the wars started.. nd/ct/dlr did occasional lolwaves on me, fewer incs on LEska.. ND/CT remained quite unharmed by the other side of the block, apart from 1-2 defdrains on Jeffro..

I managed to hold on to my roids for quite a long time, which also made me dream a bit about top3 finish.. yet it didnt happen.. got roided heavily 2 times i think (both of these times i was out of town with no internet access for the whole day ffs; good timing fckers).. in the end there were still 11 better players and so it ended hehe..

was a good round tho and quite happy to have played together with jeffro, spammer and LEska.. big bow to xVx as well and to ppl that indeed played for it and helped!

and CBA I was close!!!

Total Incomings Received: 708
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Unread 9 Oct 2011, 19:12   #3
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Re: Round 43 WHO WERE YOU???

I was 4:7:7.

Round was kind of mediocre, ranking around 125 ish for most of the round. However one morning I woke up and calced whilst still tired. Saw a single ship fleet assuming xp farming and forgot to scan, so I was responsible for not just crashing my Vendors, but Chimpie's as well Gutted because I don't usually crash like a noob like that. Then FR crashed recalling defence onto an incomming wave. I think the lesson to be learned here is to eat breakfast and wake up a bit before doing PA in the mornings!!!

The war screwed me over this round as well. However last round I basically had no incs so got to take the bad with the good. A pity me and other xVx crashed because we coped well with 200+ fleets a night for a good period of time. A shame to throw it all away. But at least non of CT/ND won.

BPing with CBA was as ever interesting. A shame he crashed because he could have finished t3 otherwise.
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