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Winter Round

We are pleased to announced another Planetarion Winter Round, which will run on

Signups will open tomorrow (Wednesday 11th December) and ticks will start on Friday, 13th December for 2 weeks. Some details:
-Ticks will be every 15 minutes
-In-galaxy defence will be 3 ticks not 5
-Galaxies will be buddy packs of 5 plus randoms. We strongly encourage you to use buddy packs, though!
-The shuffle will take place at tick 12 (22:45 GMT on Friday, 13th December).
-Cluster alliances will exist.
-Clusters will be limited to 4 galaxies not 10. There will be no admin disbanding of galaxies, but inactive planets will be auto-exiled. Only galaxy ministers will be cluster alliance officers.
-We will see the return of "Presents" during the shuffle, with each galaxy being ranked by their "Present Power" as before.
-Ship stats will be available when signups open
-Havoc for the Winter round consists of faster-than-normal havoc ticks of 5 minutes per tick. It will start at 10:00 GMT on Saturday, 28th December and continue until Thursday, 9th January.

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