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Unread 25 Jul 2020, 01:18   #1
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Oddr r88

Stupid greg said a drunk recruitment thread from me would be epic.

It ****ing will not, only difference from last rounds I will not promise any lame ass zoom quiz.

Now as for R88 , who the **** knows what will happen, I know we got few guys overly excited after last round. I mean its PA how can that be ?

All kidding aside I enjoyed last round with the guys that sticked together and we had a nice run.
We are open for pretty much anything, doubt I will do anyting serious politics wise, most hc are lame nowadays and can go suck some whatever.

You know who our members are , if you want to be part of that group all good and I don't know why I bother, no one besides Ave reads this shit anyways.
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Unread 25 Jul 2020, 06:34   #2
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Re: Oddr r88

I read it.

That was probably the weakest alliance recruitment post I have ever seen.

Im sure it has warmed the general playerbase to your alliance and everyone will be jumping at the chance to play support for CBA.
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Unread 25 Jul 2020, 13:17   #3
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Re: Oddr r88

CBA was behaved and a good asset to the alliance.
Caj enjoy the incs this round, your gals finished before sign ups
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