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World War Six

During the Third World War, the multi-decade long war of the late 2060's, the United States was destroyed by China, utilising geological weaponry, sinking the entirety of the mainland eighty meters under the waves after paralysing the inhabitants with a 'brown note'.

This was the opening move of their expansionist wars, which continued until the middle of the Fifth World War, culminating in their being pushed back to their mainland holdings, even losing North Korea, and their hold on northern Japan to the emergent Korean Islands.

With the instability of the Post-Brexit United Kingdom, a new expansionist party in the Northern Ireland local government scene named the Sidhe, expanded throughout Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland, laying the groundwork as a grass roots campaign for federal office, taking the isles by storm, and overthrowing British Rule by 2040. The Kingdom of Ireland was ruled by the royal families of the original Sidhe Party from their seat of Derry. The next century was spent consolidating power and building a powerful intra-island economy, ironically becoming a better Brexit.

Following the surprising collapse of the European Union to religio-political infighting between the eastern member states and the western, the Kingdom of the Nederlands from Groningen in the north, De Panne in the West, Luxembourg in the south, and Der German Lines in the west, in their attempts to remain politically powerful and relevant to the european stage, campaigned with their economy powerfully throughout Germany and France to export their cannabis products. Over time with Germany's former economic might slowing down and becoming absorbed by the Nederlands, and France's resurgence as a nation of enlightenment values, the two great states formed an alliance, with the Dutch royalty taking positions of power in france, and the Nederlands finally becoming a republic, the two nations became one. [holy ****ing run on sentence batman. ]

Having fought off the Chinese Union Imperial over the better part of a century, the Republic of Australasia is a dark place, with a near chinese lack of personal freedoms, but a powerbase of genetic biological knowledge that man was not meant to know. The forests of every island in the Pacific, and North Australian Seas are places of death, where one never enters, without an eye on the branch-line, and as many guns as possible pointed at the canopy.

You can decide how the rest of the nations are sorted, and their histories. But tell us, when the Sixth World War began, in 2190, how did it go?

The Combatants
  • Kingdom of Ireland
  • Nederland-Frankish Alliance
  • Canadian Empire
  • Republic of Australasia
  • Mexican Confederacy
  • Democratic People's Republic of Venezuela
  • Romani Enpire
  • Chinese Union Imperial
  • Russian Wasteland
  • Arab-African Alliance
  • The High Kingdom of the Noldor in Valinor. [Formerly known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, before it was taken over by nerds.]
  • India
  • The Korean Islands.

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