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Unread 1 Jul 2004, 18:09   #1
Baron Morte
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sue johanssen is a twat

Shes such a feminist/naturalist/libertarian wanker! Im no longer watching her crappy show
One day i was watching the show and some gay bloke said he would pre-cum too much, and the taste of such element was foul and people were stopping giving him blowjobs. Firstly she told him to do the kegel exercises, which have nothing to do with the problem at hand. Secondly, she told him to "use condoms", even knowing that there is a wide array of medicines to handle that. She said that such medicines would dry his mouth and eyes. What a load of crap. Next on the line there was this guy who would cum immediately after starting to have sex. She actually said to him "well, you should have a wank before starting the intercourse"
Imagine the situation, he finally manages to pull a bird at the club, takes her to his flat, and all of a sudden, he goes "well, you could watch the telly while I have a wank and wait for the next erection, in about 20 mins or so ill be back. Enjoy"". Utter unbelievable shit! There is shitloads of medicines to take care of this problem. I dont know the exact term in english, but biology people would know that there is the system that takes care of erection, heartbeats, muscular activity, sweating, the expansion/contraction of our blood vessels, is highly suitable to manipulativity via chemicals. Cocain, for instance, has the property of turning on the system to make your erection last almost permantly, but you lose to ability to cum.
What pissed me off the most was the show from yesterday. First there was this chick who didnt like bumsex and she told "well, just say no, your husband is a despicable horny pervert who is only thinking about himself and not about your pleasure" And she went on and on about how there must be reciprocity in order to relationships work.
A sec later a girl called her and told that her bf wouldnt go down on her, and she thinks that she might have a smelly vagina.
Sue j. got furious! And started babling about how the smell of vagina turns men on, and make them horny, and that she should go to him and say "well your penis smells a lot, and I still suck it" and said that vaginas only smell bad when they are infected, otherwise they smell great, and the one with a problem was the bf.
What about the reciprocity she was talking about? I guess it only applies when the guy is having fun eh?
She actually said that it was right her to force him to go down on her smelly vagina!
Sometimes my pubes start smelling "not right". I just apply deodorant and apparently it kills off the dissident bacteria and it start smelling great for months, until the next bacteria outbreak.
Im sure thats whats happening with such a lady.
In short, Sue j. Knows jack about sex, and its a dangerous lesbian feminist monger.
Bizarrely overrated
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