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Tal Shiar R79

[Tal Shiar]
Recruitment for R79

In a galaxy far far away and yet just around the corner, just to the right of the constellation with the incredibly humorous but unmentionable shape,
lies the headquarters of a raiding band of strange misfits,
a group so far removed from normality as to have scared even the participants of Celebrity Big Brother,
a group known as…..[Tal Shiar]

What we offer.
A nice group of people with some occasional drunken banter and quality insults.
Daily attacks and defence of course. Just some plain good old fun.
We'll have some old faces, and some new faces joining in, mainly old, this is not angry birds after all.

Who's running the show: Swainey and myself
With support from: Carpeia, cif, Greg, m0rph3us, MQ and Spacez!

Round goal: Win some stuff, war some people, fight for justice, be all round good guy vigilantes.

What are we looking for in a recruit: We are looking for an outstanding Player to join our team in [Tal Shiar]. This role is very much a hands on role which will see you in many different aspects of the alliance. The job is varied and offers plenty of variety of tasks through the day.

This is a Full Time position, Monday to Sunday, however additional hours may be required.

In order to be considered for this role you must have the following skills and experience;

Experience with many different hand tools and power tools
Exceptional time managements skills, be able to work to tight deadlines whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy & quality
Sense of urgency
Able to work on your own following instructions
Able to meet the challenge of a busy work place
You must have your own transport and a valid spaceship licence and be able to drive a manual spacecraft.
Maintaining clean and tidy factory's
You must be enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills
Have good written and verbal skills
This position is suitable for someone who is looking for a long term stability and someone who is capable to assess a job requirement quickly and efficiently.

If you believe you have the required skills and experience outlined above, and are reliable and hard working, and prepared to commit to a long term position, we want to hear from you!
If this is something you'd like to be a part of you can find us on Telegram, just PM one of the above names.
Did some stuff, played here n there done just about all there is to do
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