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Unread 26 May 2021, 10:49   #1
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VGN Recruiting for Round 92

The Vgn Motto is: "It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees".

Play style: If the universe is against us, we will go x3 attack and wtfpwn whoever pisses us off the most. Normally we will try and save as many roids as possible, but past few rounds our strength has been exceptional attacks and the ability to literally roid anyone in universe.

Standing Orders: Have fun, be active, attack daily, follow build orders, don't crash and set an alliance fleet.

Communications: Telegram #VGN.

High Command Team: JUDO, micmic, hoops, cr0, Rob.

What do we offer?
We have a wide span of knowledge in our HC Team , an active DC team with DC's in most time zones. Night attack launches & morning attack launches to allow maximum fleet movement.

Our strategists inside VGN will settle on a build plan for the round and you will be expected to follow it for synergy, this means it's easier for us to def you, this will be monitored during the round as well.

What are we looking for?
ideally we're looking for established veterans to bolster our ranks though we will always have places for newer players who are active and eager to learn.
We don't tolerate c*nts, but we do give 2nd chances. Be cool, don't be a dick, don't cry, and be happy, and you are good

Why VGN?

We've established ourselves firmly in the big 6 alliances recently with our Win last round following a 4th place finish in r90. We are constantly looking to improve our player base , so we aim to be a Major influence in the round, involved in fun wars, and doing our best for the team.

The Church of Rob

We also have a growing religion dedicated to the Lord of the universe Rob. He is back amongst us so not only will you get a quality alliance behind you, but also a fabulous religion built upon worship of Rob and mammoth mammory glands of our Temple Maidens
Speak to High Priest Johnny (The man of “Cosmic Knob” EoRC Fame)

Apply in game; Pm a HC or come chat with us on our public Telegram channel
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Re: VGN Recruiting for Round 92

Yes let’s get this party started!!
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Cool Re: VGN Recruiting for Round 92

**Acolytes required - Church of Rob R92**

Following our recent round win, we are currently enjoying a successful period of growth and we are looking for a number of acolytes to join our ranks.

As an acolyte there are many duties you may be required to perform, such as:

- carrying processional cross
- Lighting candles
- Holding the gospel Book of Rob
- Holding candles or “torches”
- Assisting a priest to setup and clean the altar / glory barrel
- Swinging a censer
- Carrying the barrel or incense boat
- Handing the offering plates and collecting fines.

This list is non exhaustive and you will be required to carry out other duties as requested by senior members of the church.

We look forward to meeting you in the VGN TG channel.

May Rob be with you.
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