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Unread 28 Feb 2020, 05:33   #1
Vengeance (VGN) HC
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The Vengeance (VGN) Alliance (Round 86)

We invite the active, the brave, the true warriors to Rise up, take your stand at one another's side, our feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground. But if a slaves life is all you understand, you will know nothing of freedom.

For If you did, you would have the courage to fight side by side with your fellow brothers and sisters in arms. If you are one of these kind of warriors, I bid you...Come Stand with Us and We will Fight Side by Side against the hated foe .

Motto: "It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees".

Note: Expecting Full Tag be quick to snag your spot.

Standing Orders: Lets all have a great active round kicking the shit out of those retals.

Communitcations: Telegram

Vengeance [VGN] has roots that go back to Round 1 with Dominion that in Round 2 became a wing of The Empire [TE] under the name of Ultra Violence [UV]. In Round 8 UV and Black Death [BD] became Violent Death [VD], which was renamed Vengeance in the next round. Vengeance has mostly been in the top 10 through out its history, in Round 22 we took top spot. One of the oldest Allainces in the game, you will be playing with Veterans with many wars under thier belt. We pride ourselves of Retaling Attackers and sucking up fleets of Alliances who get on our bad side. AKA We are the Feisty Bunch. There will always be incoming, Question is "How Are You Going To Respond?".

We would like to Formally invite active feisty players to join VGN Alliance for a great community playing a war game for fun. Come join us on a Big Bash...

Mail or Apply Ingame or come chat with us on Telegram using this Link:

Have a good one,

"It is better to die on your Feet, then to live on your Knees"

Have A Good One All
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Unread 28 Feb 2020, 21:06   #2
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Re: The Vengeance (VGN) Alliance (Round 86)

best of luck to VGN! , turned out to be an interesting attack partner love from xVx
where are my papers!!!

xVx Morale HC R 90

We shall rise like a phoenix

ancient times :

vVv , Angel , Fury , Ğragons , TUD, TGE, eclipse , 4D , chaoz , ACID , Vision , Osiris , Newdawn , xVx , CT

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