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How CBA killed Seductive

Hello AD!

Its been awhile since I posted here, was encouraged to tell a little story, so here goes.

So after leaving Norse last round in protest over a number of their Brazilian players being closed for cheating during consequetive rounds I was going to have a break, but CBA begged me to come join Seductive

Now I had beef with him over a stunt he pulled a few rounds ago, but I thought meh, maybe he's redeemed himself and not so much of a smurf.

So I said sure.

Things were going fine in seductive, had a good fresh member base of genuinely nice people, and the apprime BG also joined. Many said cardi, caj, and CBA in same tag, doomed to fail, turns out they were right.

So there's many accusations of cheating going on around CBA. My good friend mista chastised me for joining a notorious "cheaters" tag after leaving another.

I thought I'd give it some time and I stepped up did some target assignment one night on Stellar, and that gave me a good idea of how many multi planets were in seductive, how many cousins etc.

And actually, there was quite a few. I gathered CBA had at least 6 planets dedicated to him, that would ground and Def or escort him, these never responded to target assignment or never launched. It was clear they were his cousins one way or the other.

Anyway, I kept plugging along, I really wanted to finish the round in a tag after leaving Norse round before, I let Norse down, had alot of mates there who worked hard for me, and I shouldn't of left just because of a few cheating Brazilians, but that's past.

Now throughout the round #METOO (named after the # trending for sexual assault, of which CBA was accused of but was acquitted in court) kept lolwaving seductive, they setup purely to troll him, due to his understandably poor reputation. They did a good job, but didn't quite land CBA though they fleetcaught many other members. CBA consistently wanted FI grounded to cover #METOO....

Now let's talk about incomings, you would consistently see CBA over-covered while other members would get roided. CBA was always around when he had Inc, and would have prelaunched de grounded just for him. There was one player who would DC the tag fairly and evenly and that seemed to be Kez, who tried hard, cudos to Kez. When 2:10 zwans gal had Inc, all the def went there..when 2:9 CBA gal had Inc all the Def went there....

Anyway let's fast forward to tick 750 ish.

CBA decides to break nap with ultores and sets up a gangbang, a smurf move, of course, but he didn't care.

From that point onwards it was war Vs ult, and all of our FI was to be grounded to cover the ever annoying #METOO. A tag setup purely to troll CBA and Seductive as a whole.

Now, CBA purely grounded FI to protect himself and his potential gal & planet win, there was no other motive.

Then, one night, when FI was supposed to be grounded to cover #METOO and we at war with Ultores.

CBA hit stellar with his FI

Cardi was furious, fisticuffs were flying handbags thrown, cardi left tag and took ten apprime planets with him.

It was at this time I saw an opportunity for revenge.

Two rounds ago when me, benneh, colt, mista, delgado, rabba and others had a strong galaxy with a solid chance to win we had a planet join, CBA said it was him and pretended it was him for 300 ticks, ruining our chances of getting a decent planet and ruining our opportunity for gal win. He did it for fun, but screwed us over. I swore I would exact revenge.

So, with cardi and apprime leaving. I spoke to my old pals in #METOO benneh and colt, and cardi and told them now was the time to lolwave CBA.

I had AF access, so I launched all the anti co AF at CBA planet the tick before the lolwave came.

CBA was roided, and likely as a result his chances of planet win gone.

But then CBA did something that shouldn't of surprised me but it did.

He kicked everyone from Seductive and declared it round over.

Purely because he could see planet win was gone for him.

This act, of destroying his alliance because he felt his planet win chances were gone highlight his intentions.

Seductive was setup purely as a support tag for CBA, giving him the scope to exploit newer players and create multi planets for him to use as escorts and defence planets.

Everything CBA did was for the benefit of his planet.

Once his chances of planet win was gone, he destroyed his alliance, which could of carried on perfectly fine.

CBA is the epitome of everything wrong with planetarion.

He breaks naps, he cheats, has multi planets, and exploits newer players.

I feel sorry for all the genuine members of Seductive, and hope you all find better forever homes. Avoid CBA. He is toxic.

If Seductive returns, stay away folks, unless you're happy to play support.
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