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Attention needed

Hey folks,

Just logging some issues here.. I'm aware that there are other posts but a huge list of broken things with not much being done isn't a good place to put other issues!

Chromium browsers (that's almost everything except FireFox) cant handle the import function of the calc, I assume this is a JQuery issue as manually loading the most recent version of JQuery breaks other functionality.

To be clear, adding fleets from in-game to the calc using the "add to last active battle calc" button is a task in itself. This is super important, don't suggest new browsers or pasting the scan links because that's a workaround and not a solid fix

PA skins are outdated
Many of us use browser injection for custom PA skins, the selection available isn't great.
I've already initiated a conversation with mPulse and Fiery to get a new skin onto PA based on some custom CSS (inspired by Leshy). Any admins or players with a bit of sway in the community that can push the right people towards getting a new skin on there ASAP. It would be great if we aim to launch this with the new round, I have the CSS ready to go and just need someone with a access to set this up (I am unable to access #support from my location due to netgamers G-lining Indonesian IP addresses).

Scan highlighting
Quite a basic one, please add the native PA classes (.mission_defend and .mission_attack) to the table rows on jumpgate scans for the hostile/friendly fleets. Could even add a blank table row between ETA's too for added clarity.

A lot of us add the classes with browser run scripts anyway, but everyone should experience this:

I'll add more, but for now this list is in priority order and I don't want to spam/overload the wonderful people who have the abilities to put this in place.
Thanks in advance

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