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Annie is just really niceAnnie is just really niceAnnie is just really niceAnnie is just really nice
An advertisement from Terran Industries

Imagine if you will, your battleships have joined in an attack, your prey is in sight, you land and the home planets defenses have run. The roids are all yours for the taking and you're heading home, elation in your thoughts....but everything changes our home planet is showing massive hostile fleets incoming, we cant stop returning home we have only enough fuel to get home and we are vastly out numbered. We send out the word to our allies, our alliance planets and their ships start to appear, will we have enough to turn the tide? The situation is dire.

Pilots and crew start messaging their families, prayers are being sent out that they will be able to survive.

Meanwhile on the home planet, the leader confers with the alliance, the calculations are done and there is no way to turn the tide, there are just no more ships to send.

Then one of your science officers reminds you that you bought that insurance policy. What? We bought insurance? Does that provide us with the funds to rebuild our ships? Not that kind of insurance says the science officer, remember those Terran scientist who got you plastered and sold you their new invention? The leader goes pale. I am sure that wont work. Thinking about it, the situation is dire, every battleship you own is about to be destroyed or stolen, the planet as we know it will be done, the horrors all we can be from now on is a, I dont even want to think about it, but a DEFENCE PLANET?

You turn to the science officer and nod, make it happen.

As you watch the screen your battelships, all the attackers ships and a few defenders who bravely or lazily did not recall begin to battle. Your science officer closes his eyes and ..................... nothing. Galaxy 2:2 which used to have 8 planets now only has 7, every ship, all attackers and defenders ships, all gone!

Terran Industries presents The Planet Killer.

A one time use device that will remove your planet and anything within its gravity from existance.

People will think twice about attacking you knowing that you can wipe out their fleet. All good things have to come to an end, make them wonder will you or wont you.

You too can have The Planet Killer please call now, operators are standing by.

Please contact Terran Industries immediately, unfortunately no demonstrations are advised.

Terran Industries is a equal opportunity employer, we even employ a Cathaar. a Eitraides and a lot of Zikonians. We might employ some Xandathriin's but they are hard to find.
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