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Re: re-new eorc

I agree, I think it needs to be restructured a little. Invariably it's very slow paced and seems to be a platform for guys to thank their pals.

What's the objective of the EORC? Are we looking to reward the winners with a platform to get their 5 minutes of e-fame, or are we looking for a balanced review of the round?

If the latter, we should setup some form of panel representing a HC from each of the top5 alliances along with coverage from the top 3 planets and galaxy. I'm not sure we really need an hour of Cardi shouting 'maumaumau' though.

I'd suggest a combination of the two personally, for the top planets and gals to thank their pals should take 5 minutes each max. Then for a more global perspective bring in a panel of HC's to discuss round progression, what worked well/didn't (quests/xp/stats etc) and reveal the juicy secrets of alliance politics.

1 minute - Introduction by Appoco
5 minutes - Top 3 Planets give their thanks and get a pat on the back
5 minutes - Top gal attempt banter
30 minutes - Ally panel (1 HC from each of top 5 allies)
1 minute - Closure by Appoco and announcements for next round

In general, Appoco should try and keep things flowing a little quicker, possibly identifying talking points before the session. e.g. last round key discussion points could have been quests, xp, deletions, blocks, political maneuvering. People should come away from the EORC with a greater understanding of how and why things ended up the way they did in the round, not just knowing who is mates with who.
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