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Occupy whole 7 weeks: Base income from cores are still too high. It will decrease attacking early on and add idle. Means most action start after tick 300. Also roiding alliances down to no roids, will still keep them coming to you with their base income. Hard to kill someones value dramatically. Also hitting the ones with roids would count more. Ofc some base income is good too, to keep everyone in the game a bit, but imo currently its too high versus income from roids. And the most important part is, that pure support def planets, would have less value, as they wouldn't have the "huge" base income. They would need actual roids to grow and you could farm them in return if they just cover others.

Target rotation: Ptargeting alliance should always require a war declaration, would be nice if it had a cool down too. So it would force you hit elsewhere for a while, or hit lighter gal raids.

This way we avoid a bit of naptarion games and round lenght wars. Also every alliance would receive more even amount of incoming.

This would put wars and warring more visible for all and move otherwise attacking more based on gal raids. Which gives incoming more divided.

Troll tags: What this game really needs the most, is for all alliances to try to get better and achieve better ranks. Now there are tags living with their base income who expect no incs, cause they are small or make no other effort. Such tags can easily cause harm to you with pure offensive build and nothing to lose back in return.

We should give higher bonus from war declaration, if u are hitting within your range, meaning u try to climb up ranks.

Also the target rotation and gal based roiding means the smaller tags get their share too. There should be no real gains in not trying a bit.

Limit pre-launch to 1-2 ticks:
Why do we still want to force people to lose sleep? Keep AF to help tactics to deside over pure activity/dedication. Not everyone has USA based citizens to dc for u. Actually very few tags do.

I might edit this and continue this, but shall post it as it is for now.
So to be continued.
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