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Re: R60 mid round turmoil

Originally Posted by Blue_Esper View Post
it was a bizarre move by p3ng to create an enemy. i would like to issue the please explain to the HC of p3ng as to why/how this happened?
Stop me if I have anything mixed up, but this is how I've seen it happen.

The way I understood it, we attacked a total of 4 BF in a 4-gal galraid. Apparently those targets were then waved too heavily for BF's tastes. A surprising amount of fleets could well have happened, members like to hit the fattest targets in the raid after all.

When Cloud came to talk to us, I believe this was the following morning, we sent him a screenshot of our raid to show it had indeed included four whole galaxies, and we weren't ptargeting BF.

From what's been leaked, BF then proceeded to tell their members that we had declared war and they would go after us. I believe we both hit each other that same night.

I hope that clarifies things, at least from the p3n camp. I can't speak for BF's side of things other than what's reached us and what I've seen. As far as I'm concerned, it boils once more down to the "included in galraid, lets pt" strategy mentioned earlier in this thread. To me it seems BF was waiting for an excuse to attack us.
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