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Re: fleet access.

Could agree more that’s my point. Defending together should be a main objective but by each person being involved. Having a fleet available for anyone to use is not a community or playing together. I get your point on pre launch and if this is peoples argument I would be happy to see that go.

Defence should always be possible but at the moment it is near impossible to land anything on a top 300+ without multiple fleets and multiple waves. There is. Sry little fun if most people can’t land an attack 95% of the time. It never used to be like that.

Plus really need to remove the planets that are def farms. Completely against the community game you mentioned above.

Yes on the quests you are correct. I think it needs massively reducing or changing to stop rewarding just doing well. All it does is massively increase the gap between the big and the small and the fast players vs new/ slower players. Rewards for building distorters as an example makes no sense to me either. Why reward a game tactic. The tactic enough should be the reward.
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