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Re: fleet access.

I don’t buy that answer that this is always a team game. Yes I agree that it should be alliances and working together should win overall but a few individuals launching def for the majority is not a team game. That is just blocking the game to anyone else that is not high in an alliance.

The game should be more about attacking and less about just making some invulnerable as you have 60 def fleets to just send.

The game used to be more about launching and landing attacks and roids did pass around but it was accessible to everyone. If people wanted to defend at 3 in the morning then fair play to them but at least it was a more level playing field. I’ve actually seen at least two planets that are solely building a one ship def fleet and no pods. This is a symptom of this system as you can then just have Defense farms.

This game will never grow with this setup. I really enjoyed the game what was there and understood I couldn’t win but could have fun playing solo. Now I’m just thinking the game is setup to appease the long standing players and not making it accessible or fun for others. Surely it’s boring for the remaining ally players that are just told were to attack and then have there fleets sent out on def. might as well just play with bots.

Putting this on top of massive rewards for just achieveing collecting roids and gain xp (which should be bonus enough) this game has become so defensive.

I really want to keep playing this game but if it keeps with the anti attacking and unbalanced approach then I think I will give it up.
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