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Re: Mil Centres

Originally Posted by TheoDD View Post
And i strongly disagree, I find your point(s) irrelevant.
It does not require effort.
It does not require having a bunch of nubs escorting you all round, without landing themselves.

Maybe most players in pa don't mind playing like shit, but the so called "strategy" you are on about is so far from good. 10+ players to make 1! look "good". While the others may aswell delete as they are far away from any noteworthy rank. Nor do you really play planetarion this way. Anyone could do the same with 1 minute daily and a few "cousins/friends/whatever"

Actually... it is! This is what i usually do when i bother to play.

You proved it this round. You flew around 3x solo as a xan. Ranked high due to that.

But my point really is still standing. Anyone can't fly around doing this and ending high. It requires some sort of dedication, a portion of luck or knowledge of where to hit efficiently.

Stand alone the MCs and/or fake attacks will not make any given planet a t3 rank. You have to activly pursue this tactic to make it pay off with high rankings (if that is your goal).

One option is what Joseph did this previous round.
Another option is how you played it out - constantly relaunching on same alliance that you know give you high chance of landing (correct me if wrong).

Joseph was not xan, so he did not have the option of sending pod attacks in the same way as you could as xan.

A third option I remember is Budious (??) who atleast previous rounds kept on sending 3x pod fleets as a Ter, mixed classes. He usually ended up decent ish - simply because he betted on targets screwing up, forgetting to fight or gal/alliance not bothering to cover incs because they assumed it was selfcover.

I still think it is not to powerful, and having the option of competing without relying on value mainly is something we need in this game.

As mentioned above, playing for a top ranking using the "correct" strategy, which is accumulating roids and value - and keeping it throughout the round is definatly out of reach for the common player.

By reducing the impact MC and/or fake attacks could have, are we not just favouring the experienced crowd only?
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