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Re: Mil Centres

Originally Posted by booji View Post
Mostly because it was not easy to crush ingame! Joseph said he was fleetcaught 5 times - for most players any one of them would end their chance of number 1. Joseph also crashed against suicide defences a couple of times, again something that would usually end someone's T3 chances.

Clearly more attention could have been paid to doing these things earlier in the round but I imagine most players thought as you say here that it will be easy to crush later so no need to worry about it!
You have to FC the escorters, Joseph's value was on his escorters. How could he keep atking efficiently without his value. One could even FC and steal the resources after that. Easy for an organized full tag ally against a 12 planets tag full of inactives, it wouldnt take more than a couple of days.
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