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The new base eta feature

Since appocomaster's announcement i've had alot of questions about this new system and some people suggested i should try to explain it on the forums since i had a day or 2 more than the rest of you to adjust to the new reality.

How did the old ETA system work?

PA had a system that consisted out of 3 different base ETA's. In this system your base ETA was tied directly to the class of the ship.
  • FI/CO: ETA 12 (TT -0) or ETA 8 (TT-4)
  • Fr/DE: ETA 13 (TT -0) or ETA 9 (TT-4)
  • Cr/Bs: ETA 14 (TT -0) or ETA 10 (TT-4)

Alot of people will now go: why are ships now 1 tick slower? They are not. People are used to seeing the ETA's after the fleets have launched which would be:
  • FI/CO: ETA 11 (TT -0) or ETA 7 (TT-4)
  • Fr/DE: ETA 12 (TT -0) or ETA 8 (TT-4)
  • Cr/Bs: ETA 13 (TT -0) or ETA 9 (TT-4)

But a fleet has an ETA too before it's launched. And those ETA's have always been 12, 13 & 14.

The ETA of your fleet was detirmened by the slowest ship within it. If you had 1 Fi and 1 Bs in a fleet, the ETA would always be 14. If you only had Fi in it, it would be 12.

How is the new system different?

The following things have not changed:
PA still has 3 base ETA's
The ETA's after launch are still the same as in the old system
Your ETA is still based on the slowest ship in your fleet

But what has than changed?
Upto now a FI ship always had to have base ETA 12 (TT-0) because it was a FI ship and the ETA was tied tot he class.

In the new system the dependancy that your ETA was decided based on the class of the ship was removed. Now each ship has it's own base ETA which you can see on the stats page ETA column. Either 12, 13 or 14.

Now the phantom which is a Fi class ship can have base ETA 13, while the banshee which is a Fi class ship too still has base eta 12. This allows the phantom to travel faster alone than when it's joined by the banshee.

This also means that you can make a BS pod have base ETA 12 and a co pod base ETA 14. But for simplicity the base ETA's of pods were not touched and each attack class can still make it's traditional ETA meaning:
  • FI/CO: ETA 12 (TT -0) or ETA 8 (TT-4)
  • Fr/DE: ETA 13 (TT -0) or ETA 9 (TT-4)
  • Cr/Bs: ETA 14 (TT -0) or ETA 10 (TT-4)
But individually some attack ships will be faster outside an attack fleet. Some defence ships will be slower than you are used too, others faster. Take the broker for example. It's a BS ship that targets FR. Traditionally it was have base ETA 14. This round it has base ETA 12. Which means the broker has 2 ticks to defend against FR.

How will the new system affect our game play?
You can't simply select all your FI and assume it's has base ETA 12.
To help you PA team has already added a field on most pages which state the ETA of each ship. Both on the alliance pages as your fleets page. They are also still looking into making it more visible on the fleets page and adding an option to move ships based on ETA. But yes you have to be a little bit more carefull what you do now.

In the past only the top alliances use what we refer to as prelaunch def. Defend an FR attack with BS because they JGP their members and launch their def at the same time as the attack. With this new system everyone can launch a BS fleet to defend an FR fleet if the BS base ETA is the same or lower without prelaunching it. So you have to be a bit more carefull when calculating your battles and check out which ships could be in an base ETA 12 fleet.

It also adds in alot more tactical options concerning strategy. You an now combine different ships of different classes which have the same ETA into 1 attack or defence fleet.

Hopefully the basics of the new base ETA system are clear now. It will certainly make for an interesting round. If you have any questions feel free to ask here and i'll do my best to answer them or visit one of the friendly helpfull people in #support.
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