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Re: BB stats r64

BB i've checked out your stats. I do have a question and don't take it the wrong way. This is a question I asked myself when i looked at your Xan FR/DE and ETD CR/Bs

Why would Xan ever need to go DE, when it's got init 4 FR and Ter/Zik ally?
Why would ETD ever go CR when it's got BS. Ter Cr (and zik i guess) to team with?

I'm not saying i don't like the idea of this kinda setup. However FR and BS are just so much nicer of a setup then it's counter parts. Making those pods more of a show. Sure some players will probably end up getting full fr/de flets with pods as Xan and attacking with it. But, as it stands i don't see anything that can effectively stop Ter/Xan FR or Ter/ETD BS effectively in larger numbers. Haven't the other choice, well it's just a waste of value. Mass FR... Mass BS your teams going to land everynight anyways.

If you can find a way to make DE team relay more on having Xan around and weaken it's init 4 round house firing. De would become more of an opinion for xan's
Same goes with CR. Yes having Cath CR would be awesome to team with. Only what does ETD bring to this team up? cath brings the emp power and etd brings?... init 7 norm or init 20 steal? there has to be something to highlight both DE and CR.

Keep with your idea of the double pods. Lets just find a way to make both appealing. Besides Xan massing fr/de and sending 2k pods and watching DC's have to cover both....

Finally (sorry i've written so much)
First things appoco used to ask us when we had stats to hand in before even looking at them.
What pods classes you got? are they even numbers
Fi 1, Co 2, fr 3, de 2, cr 2, bs, 3
Answers no atm. Then he would tell us to fix that.
How many of each class you got? are they close to being the same
you have these ships
4 fi, 8 co, 9 fr, 7 de, 7 cr, 8 bs
Having only 4 fi ships, well thats kinda a big issue. At this point why not just totally remove fi. It's pointless.
You only 4 fi ships yet you target fi 11 times in your stats.

These are just things that should have been fixed before you even start your eff's. These stats need these issues fixed. Fi should hit close to the same about of times that it's hit. e.g If it hits 10 times, and gets hit 11. That's ok. This isn't. Every class needs to be looked over and that has to be looked into.
If not you will NEVER have balanced stats. As your base to your eff's are out of balance to start.
Please don't take this as me trying to ruin your stats. If your stats are picked over mine. That's fine. I will work on mine more this round. If your stats are picked, i want a fun balanced round. So I'm really just trying to help you. I took an hour today to look into your stats. I've got more issues then i listed here. But, if you take the time to balance your targeting and ship classes. most of them will be gone.

Anyways they will be good stats
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