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Re: Mobile interface

Originally Posted by Zaejii View Post
please don't do automatic forwarding to mobile. i curse olive garden every time i try to look at their menu on my mobile phone. they forward you to some text only crap that doesn't even have descriptions of the dishes. a or a (or both, ha!) would be awesome though!
I wasn't going to chime in because a lot of the useful stuff has already been said, but I think Zejii makes a point worth reiterating here. There should be a separate login page for mobile devices, and the regular login page should not automatically redirect to it. There should, however, be a link at the bottom middle of both login pages allowing the user to switch over to the other version if they have a need/desire to. (i.e. "Looking for the mobile login page? Click here" and "Looking for the regular login page? Click here")
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