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Re: What? Again?

At first this round I was enjoying watching the fun of all but ~180 players turned into roid farms. The round isn't stagnate, it's just worthless for the vast majority of the uni to play.

If anything this round shows what a bad idea larger tag limits, or no tag limit is.

As for ND, I was told they chose to have a smaller tag this round in favor of cleaning house. If they really wanted to compete for the top spot, they'd have done what the t3 have... scored themselves 30 legal support planets.

ND may as well start enjoying the golden shower... it's gonna last awhile.

Frankly, I am already bored of wondering who will win top ally.

I would like to hear about what's happening for ally's #5-#10. Anything interesting in those ranks? Preferably from someone in theHorde, HR, ODDR, HEX or GROSS.
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