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maybe im not going to have a girl who is a friend of mine, afterall

so yesterday me, 2 buddies and this chick who used to be my friend went out nightclubbing. Then this guy started putting his tongue down her throat, and I felt really bad, and went to the bathroom to cry and all. later on I returned and waited for like 30 mins until they stopped kissing, then i said i was going home, and it was 1:20 am what is extremely early, unusual for me

then she grabbed my arm and asked me not to go, and she wouldnt let go of me
i kissed her in the cheek and said i had a headache, and said goodbye for everyone. the guy who kissed her seemed happy.

as i went home i felt like screming. i got home and grabbed a pillow, put it in my mouth and screamed for like 10 mins. then i chainsmoked a pack while watching music videos. i could not get sleep.

the thing is that any girl who tries to be my friend is endangered. This is the second event in 5 months. exactely the same chain of events. I dont think I will ever be able to have a friend of the female sex. Unless I have a girlfriend first.
sad to know this
next time i see her i will tell her that i was never her friend, all i wanted was to hump her, and hope she doest get too annoyed
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