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Re: Reset time?

Just another aside... at this moment, I am in a galaxy with 5 other alliances. We have 43 fleets attacking us. There is one alliance def fleet at eta 6... one def fleets for 7 planets and 43 fleets. And I am trying to find a place to send my def in gal but we can't put together enough in gal to cover even one wave.

That one alliance defense fleet is trying to cover 86,000 judge with 42,000 beetles, haha. That ain't gonna work, he'll be going back home. Imagine that, ETD out-inits Beetles. Wait, we have Avengers and Pegs and Spectres to handle those pesky judges... oops, can't make the eta. Oi. Where is my crystal ball, maybe that will work. Or we can scan everybody every tick and send PL defense. Really funny.

I'm sorry, this is just stupid. I've had enough stupid for one round... or ten rounds, and it is only tick 250 lol.

So whatever you want to say about ppl not handling these specs right and defense being possible, tell it to those 5 alliances as well as me.
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