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Re: No more IRC

Originally Posted by Mzyxptlk View Post
I'm sorry, but I've run out of ways to explain it.
How about the longevity game, advertising you're secure will lead to people testing as such and once they inevitably find that insecurity the games over and so is your platform.

Moving from IRC to any of these platforms is fraught with potential disasters and the true fact is that regardless of UX IRC has always been a stable platform and just works, i don't feel that the community will settle on any new platform especially not when the driving forces behind the game are pretty much dinosaurs, if they see no need to use social media to promote the game i hardly think they'll be willing to move their social crowd (sorry thats what #planetarion is, it isn't a business because they see no profit from their work so they do whatever the hell they want regardless of wether it benefits the game) to another platform.

The community clearly wants change in this (if this aint obvious go play the damn game and realize no galaxy uses irc) to keep with the times but you will receive absolutely no input from anyone from the PA admin team, hell id be impressed if anyone of them even noticed anything anyone has ever said on the forums even though they try to force people to use it by offering ingame incentives... prolly just to justify the spend on this vbulletin nonsense license they have.

I guess this thread like most is just pissing in the wind.

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